Real Estate Sales

We assist you through the  entire real estate search, selection and transaction activity from pre-sale to post sale and everything in between.  We offer our clients a personal website that posts homes available on the market.    Licensed Realtors assist with home searching, market analysis, purchase agreements, negotiations and referrals for mortgage lenders, homeowner's insurance agents, home inspectors, home warranty referrals and more.


Real Estate Investments

Investing in real estate is still the very best investment for long term stability and good returns.  We help make the investment decision easier buy searching  for properties that meet an investor's specific investment strategy.  We do the research, property comparisons, financial analysis, contracting transaction and more.

Broker Services Only

We provide many other fee based real estate services, including Broker Price Opinions (BPO's) for individuals, lenders and law firms, and other services.  

Individual Consulting

If you need help getting ready for home ownership  we will help you design a realistic, written plan scoping  from current status to  move-in, with a reasonable projected timeline. 

Small Business Consulting 

Making the money (on the side)  but can't get a lender to recognize it?  We help you understand how to make your small business profits contribute towards qualifying for a mortgage. We also provide business plan writing services when seeking a business loan.

​Foreclosure Prevention

We seek to understand any problem you are having with your current mortgage and guide you in the key  steps to avoid foreclosure.   We help you communicate with your lender, help review documents,  applications, letters, notices, etc. that affect your mortgage.  We help engage you with other community and legal resources who can help.  

Home Management

We can help diffuse the confusion once the sale is completed and the documents of homeownership and ongoing home management tasks, start coming in.

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