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Pre-sale Orientation Presentation

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Next Home Buyer Training

 Six information packed sessions on the home buying process. Learn how to assemble your home buying team and manage the real estate transaction process successfully.  All phases covered, including, pre-sale preparation, home selection, loan application process, inspections, negotiations, closing,  move in and post-sale activities.  Certificate given upon completion.

Six 2-hour classes.


Getting a Mortgage Loan

Understand all phases of the loan  application and underwriting process to gain lender commitment for a mortgage loan.    

One 2-hour class   

Financial Fitness Training - Adults

Establish a working budget and determine affordability for home ownership.  Learn how to fix your own credit matters and manage credit so you can qualify for a mortgage.  

Two 2-hour classes  

Financial Fitness Training - Young Adults and Teens

Learn how to determine affordability for independent living.  Analyze income, savings, expenses, credit and the impact of budgeting on lifestyle.   Available to community organizations and small groups of 5 or more persons.

One  2 hour class   FREE

Leveraging a Small Business for Home Ownership 
Making the money (on the side)  but can't get a lender to recognize it? Learn how to leverage your "extra" income as a small business to help qualify for a home mortgage.  

Two 2-hour classes  

Real Estate Investing

Looking for a higher return on your investments?  Real Estate investing could be the answer through flipping properties or establishing a rental portfolio.  Find out what strategies may be right for you.  Understand the financial implications and benefits of both.

Two 2-hour classes  

​Foreclosure Prevention

Life happens and sometimes it  can cause difficulty in making the mortgage payment.  Don't wait until its too late.  Get help now. Understand how to work with your lender and other resources to prevent a foreclosure.  Learn about the foreclosure process and how to avoid it entirely or to make it work to your best advantage.

​Two 2-hour classes

Post-Sale Home Management  

Set up an intentional home management and controls system.  It will take the guesswork and suspense out of working with loan servicers, property taxes, Insurance, warranties, maintenance plans, improvement plans and more.

One 1-hour Class

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