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Pavilion Enterprises & Real Estate, LLC wants to map the path to home ownership for you,.. no matter where you are starting from.  We want to make it possible for you to purchase your own home or investment property,  then manage and retain it too. We share the knowledge you need that puts you in charge, and  empowers you to make well-informed real estate decisions for you and your family and/or business.

We are licensed Realtors and Home Ownership Counselors.  We guide you through the entire real estate transaction, before, during and after the sale.   We aim to make property selection, mortgage loan and settlement processes clearly understandable, before you buy.  We want you to make the very best decisions in the purchase of existing homes, newly constructed homes, and investment properties.   

In addition, we offer ongoing information and referral support for any home management matters; including lenders, loan servicers, property tax and insurance concerns,  home warranty plans and maintenance & repair matters.  Our desire is for a long term,  mutually beneficial, customer relationship. 

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Cynthia McBride

Managing Broker

Pavilion Enterprises & Real Estate, LLC

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